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    Double-Hung windows are the most common type of window in American houses because of their practicality and functionality. They are very readily available and come in many designs. Upper and lower sashes can be manipulated to allow ventilation inside.

    Single-hung windows are perfect for narrow spaces.

    They are affordable and Energy-efficient.

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    You'll find casement windows in a variety of styles, including those with grids between the glass panes. There are also multiple frame colors, finishes and materials to best fit with your home's décor and exterior style. Casement windows with single, dual-point or multi-point locking types, are available and each gives a unique look to your house / condo. Acrylic block casement windows are perfect for bathrooms. They enhance privacy and yet allow light and air to flow unhindered.

    Dual-paned glass casement windows like those with energy ratings are suited for specific regions ensure you'll find the windows that'll keep your home's temperature maintained to save you money on heating and cooling. Screens are available to prevent insects and debris from entering you while allowing air to flow freely.

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    The most comon type of sliding window is the 2-pane sliding window. Two panels where one or both of the panels slide left and right allow ventilation into the room.

    Sliding windows are very affordable, easy to install, low maintenance, suitable for narrow space, compliment all architechtures, energy efficient and are durable and long-lasting.

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    Bay and Bow

    Bay and Bow windows are elegant and add a certain flair to your abode. They are often extended in a hexagonal shape and add room to your living area.

    Like other types of windows, they are energy efficient and come in a variety of colors and materials.

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    Picture windows are one of the most unique forms of windows. They are fixed and cannot be opened. It is just a glass window pane which frames an outside view, thus the name “picture window.” even though they are not a common type of window, they are often used in houses with high ceiling.

    Why purchase a picture window?

    They are affordable, Low maintenance, Easy to install, energy-efficient, provide a great view from inside and out.

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    Garden windows are perfect use in garden areas. It has four sides which extend outward and allow more light to enter through.

    Practical design, perfect for a greenhouse or outdoor plant growing building.

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    Shaped windows are aesthetic and can be used in various
    rooms. One example would be a round-shaped window or
    half-circle shape, which are common in kitchens and bathrooms.

    They are excellent for architectural nuances and allow for more natural light.

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    Basement Hopper

    Hopper windows are a usually instgalled in basements. They can be opened from the bottom. Airflow from Hoppers are perfect to ventilate bottom floor rooms or basements.

    A Hopper Window is opened with a lever and can be covered with an awning.

    The hinges are on the top and open from the bottom and should be well sealed.
    They should keep rain out and light in while allowing for ventilation, when open.

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    Glass Block

    Glass Block windows provide privacy and security. With They are thick and durable but also trendy.

    They are often installed on patios, garages and some office buildings.

    The frosted glass blocks obscure the viewfor privacy. There are many designs to choose from. Glass Block windows are durable and add security to your home or office.

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